Our services to investors

We register your company in three days

Documents to be provided for the creation of your company

  • Completed creation request form
  • Copy of identity document of partners and manager
  • Manager's criminal record
  • In the event of the appointment of a proxy, a power of attorney with authentication of the signature

Understand the procedure


The manager provides his information (contact details, company name, identity document of the shareholder(s) and criminal record of the manager).

He fills out the information form.

Elaboration of the statutes by the Business Creation Office (BCE) of ANPI.

Payment of the costs of setting up the company.


The manager and shareholders come back to sign the documents.

The ANPI facilitator submits the statutes to the service of the Domain (tax stamp...)

Then the statutes at the Registry (Commercial Court) for the creation of the commercial register number.


The manager is contacted by the Commercial Court for signature.

The manager retrieves the signed documents (statutes/register) from ANPI on the same day.

Registration fee for :

Declaration of subscription to the Notary Public 22 500 KMF
Status and PV registration + Stamp duty at the Domain 31 000 KMF
Registration of the commercial register at the Registry 125 000 KMF
Printing costs at ANPI 5 000 KMF
TOTAL 162 500 KMF

The approval allows the exemption of customs fees

Approval is an agreement or an official document that the State grants to promoters in order to benefit from the advantages provided for by the Investment Code (these are tax and/or customs exemptions).
Why not you?

Documents to be provided for an application for approval

  • A letter of request for accreditation
  • Form submitted by the ANPI duly completed
  • Articles of Association of the company duly registered in the Trade Register
  • Extract from the registration in the Trade Register
  • Bank certificate or other proof of funds
  • Proponent's Curriculum Vitae
  • Operating approval: if the activity is subject to authorisation (see regulated sectors)
  • Feasibility study of the project
  • Environmental impact assessment (if applicable)
  • Any other document that may support the information provided here.

For existing companies, also attach :

  • Copies of personal contract
  • Proof of payment of the IGR (last quarter)
  • Quitus national de la Caisse de Prévoyance Sociale

Regulated sectors:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Fishing (for foreign investors)
  • Hotel business
  • Hydrocarbons

Filing fees :

Regime A Project with an investment cost between
5000 000FC to 100 000 000 000FC
50 000FC
Regime B Project with an investment cost greater than
à 100 000 000FC
100 000FC

National Agency for the Promotion of Investments

ANPI was created in 2008 to promote investment and improve the business climate. In 10 years it has enabled companies to save xxxx billion KMF. This policy of supporting companies and seeking new international investors is the one pursued by the current Managing Director.

Dr Abdou Katibou
General Manager of ANPI

Our missions

ANPI now has modern offices, housing the Agency's headquarters and three branches spread over the three islands of the archipelago. These offices offer a platform of services to investors, prospects, entrepreneurs, business creators and any public interested in investing in the Union of the Comoros.
The National Agency for the Promotion of Investments ensures the facilitation mission for the benefit of investors, via its branches divided into three main services:
The BCE welcomes entrepreneurs and is their main contact. Its mission is to:
- Facilitate, advise, draft company statutes;
- Centralize the documents in the company creation files;
- Transmit the files to the related departments of the Administration for the final registration of companies.
The IBC welcomes companies applying for and benefiting from the advantages provided for in the Investment Code. Its mission is to:
- Study the applications for approval;
- Convene the Technical Committee for Approvals (CTA);
- Notify the promoter of the decision taken by CTA;
- Establish the list of equipment benefiting from customs and tax exemption.
The BAS welcomes business creators who wish to operate in the regulated sectors (Tourism, Education, Information and Communication Technologies, Health, Finance, Security, Fisheries, Environment, Hydrocarbons...).
Regulated sectors require additional formalities to obtain special authorizations. These authorizations are the prerequisite for the registration and registration of these companies.
The BAS has the following mission:
- Inform, advise and assist business creators ;
- Act as an interface between the Administration and the business creator for obtaining special authorization.