Strengthening trade between Moroni and Jakarta

The Indonesian Ambassador to the Comoros with residence in Tanzania, H. E. Dr. Ratlan PARDEDE, was received this Wednesday, November 28, 2018 by the Director General of ANPI, Dr. Abdou Katibou. The meeting focuses on strengthening trade links between Moroni and Jakarta. This visit is no coincidence, the Indonesian diplomat realized that there has been a significant increase in trade between the two countries over the past two years, particularly in the area of cash products. Therefore, His Excellency PARDEDE wishes to strengthen these links of exchange. He also took the opportunity to learn about investment opportunities, particularly in the field of infrastructure. The ambassador also informed the Director General of ANPI that an economic forum dedicated to African countries would be held in Jakarta soon. He asked the Comoros to participate in this major business meeting. In his speech, Director Katibou expressed ANPI's willingness to support future Indonesian investors in the Comoros.


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