A mission of foreign investors on a prospecting visit to Moroni

At the invitation of the Comorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a group of investors and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce of the Gulf countries are staying in Moroni from 25 to 30 November 2018. This was part of a multisectoral prospecting visit. The mission, led by Dr. Wafa Omer, will include interviews with the competent authorities in various targeted sectors, including agriculture, energy and tourism. This mission, which is the first to visit Comoros for the first time, except for the head of the delegation, has come to immerse itself more fully in business opportunities in the Comoros. The delegation began with a meeting with the Director General of the National Agency for the Promotion of Investments, Dr. Abdou KATIBOU at the Hotel le Retaj. It was an opportunity for the Agency to present the investment potential of the Comoros and the legal framework conducive to business. The mission also met with the Comorian private sector and investment related institutions, including UCCIA and ANPI, yesterday Tuesday at Retaj. Convinced by the business opportunities offered by the Comoros, the delegation promised to come back to implement projects.


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